Yixian International Photo Festival

November 2 – 8, 2012

COAL + ICE traveled to Anhui Province in November 2012 to participate in the Yixian International Photo Festival, an event which was to coincide with the 2012 Bishan Harvestival. Because of the 18th Party Congress in Beijing, both festivals were cancelled the day before opening. Many people were still able to see the exhibition and Abigail Washburn performed traditional American coal mining songs in the hall (see video). For more information, please read the festival field report.

The Photographers

Jonas Bendikson
David Breashears
Robert Capa
Jimmy Chin
China Features/China Photo Archive
Alfredo D’amato
Bruce Davidson
Cameron Davidson
Stuart Franklin
Geng Yunsheng
Lewis Hine
Thomas Hoepker
David Hurn
Nadav Kander
Gleb Kosorukov
Builder Levy
Niu Guozheng
Clifford Ross
David Seymour
Daniel Shea
W. Eugene Smith
Song Chao
Ian Teh
Robert Wallis
Wang Mianli
Wu Qi
Yang Junpo
Yang Shaobin
Yu Haibo

Photographer Bios