Hôtel de Pontalba

November 30 – December 11, 2015

On the occasion of COP21, COAL + ICE was adapted for the Hôtel de Pontalba, the official residence of the U.S. Ambassador to France.

A 14.5 meter wide LED screen erected on the garden lawn cycled through two panoramic presentations. The first featured historical and contemporary photographs of the Himalaya starkly revealing a loss 
of glacier mass due to climate change in the intervening years. The second focused on coal, and included both contemporary and historical images of mining and miners. A selection of prints and digital works were also presented inside the Ambassador’s Residence.

The Photographers

Jonas Bendikson
David Breashears
Jimmy Chin
Bruce Davidson
Cameron Davidson
Stuart Franklin
Geng Yunsheng
Lewis Hine
Thomas Hoepker
David Hurn
Gleb Kosorukov
George Mallory
Niu Guozheng
Clifford Ross
Vittorio Sella
Song Chao
Ian Teh
Kadir van Lohuizen
Major E.O. Wheeler
Yang Junpo
Yu Haibo

Photographer Bios


Major support for COAL + ICE at the Hôtel de Pontalba in Paris was provided by Salesforce. Additional support by John S. Wadsworth, Jr., John A. “Mac” McQuown, Nion McEvoy, Thomas and Margot Pritzker, and The Arthur Ross Foundation.