Three Shadows Photography Art Centre

September 24 – December 28, 2011

COAL + ICE premiered at Three Shadows Photography Art Centre in 2011. The groundbreaking documentary photography exhibition featured the work of 30 photographers from China, the United States, Malaysia, Russia, Hungary, Poland, Norway, Germany and the United Kingdom, whose work visually narrates the hidden chain of actions triggered by humankind’s use of coal. The exhibition’s photographic arc moves from deep within the coal mines to the glaciers of the greater Himalaya where greenhouse gasses are warming the high altitude climate. As these mighty glaciers melt at an accelerated pace, the great rivers of Asia that flow from the Tibetan Plateau into the oceans are disturbed, and the lives of billions of people downstream are disrupted.

The Photographers

Jonas Bendikson
David Breashears
Robert Capa
Jimmy Chin
China Features/China Photo Archive
Alfredo D’amato
Bruce Davidson
Cameron Davidson
Stuart Franklin
Geng Yunsheng
Lewis Hine
Thomas Hoepker
David Hurn
Nadav Kander
Gleb Kosorukov
Builder Levy
George Mallory
Niu Guozheng
Clifford Ross
Vittorio Sella
David Seymour
Daniel Shea
W. Eugene Smith
Song Chao
Ian Teh
Robert Wallis
Wang Mianli
Major E.O. Wheeler
Wu Qi
Yang Junpo
Yang Shaobin
Yu Haibo

Photographer Bios


Major support for COAL + ICE at the Hôtel de Pontalba in Paris was provided by Salesforce. Additional support by John S. Wadsworth, Jr., John A. “Mac” McQuown, Nion McEvoy, Thomas and Margot Pritzker, and The Arthur Ross Foundation.